The Operation Day

My surgery was on the 29th July, 2017.

I got to the hospital bright and early at 7.30am, with my 2 nights worth of pyjamas and underwear, and lots of downloaded movies on my iPad mini for the boring 2-3 recovery  time.  My mum was looking after my daughter for me, and I was promising to text everyone when I was out of theatre.

Over a period of an hour, I was prepped for surgery and oh so beautifully decked out in a hospital gown and anti-DVT (deep vein thrombosis) stockings in white – so attractive, I know!  They took vials of blood, my temperature, my blood pressure, weighed me, noted my height, and asked me what allergies I had.

My surgeon and the anaesthetist came to visit me and talked through the procedure I’d go through.  I asked how long it’d take, and they estimated that my family could come visit by about 1pm.

So I was wheeled to the operating theatre, where it was absolutely freeeeeeeeezing, and they prepped the intravenous (IV) cannula in my wrist, and I fell asleep…

… When I came to, it felt like I was in an out of consciousness – like flashbacks.  When I come around, I know it was cold, and there were lots of nurses and machines making beeping sounds.  It was a large bright room, and I was being asked to rate my pain from 1-10 – 10 being the most painful.  And for what felt like ages, I was in this repeat loop of sleeping, then feeling cold and being asked about my pain.  I was groggy, but I don’t remember much more.

The rest of that day is a blur for me, and my mum, nurses and best friend have put the rest of it together for me 🙂

Instead of coming round, and leaving the recovery room by 1pm, I wasn’t released from the recovery room (the freezing cold place with all the nurses from my flashbacks) until 4pm.  My friend was waiting for me for ages poor thing, and the nurses had advised my mum not to bring my daughter to see me yet as I was in a bad way.  I have no recollection of how I got back to my room, but when I woke up, I was shivering, vomiting, and had what felt like the driest mouth ever.  I felt a bit sore around my abdomen, had an oxygen tube in my nose, a sore lip (from the tubes they had in my mouth during the op) and the cannula still in my wrist.

So apparently, the nurses tell me, I had a bad reaction to the anaesthetic, and to the painkillers they were administering to me (now I know morphine is NOT my friend), and so my pain level was high, and I was vomiting a lot.  But really, I just don’t remember much of that day at all…

I remember my mum dropping into the room, my brother coming by, and when my friend left – but apart from that, I was a knock out!  Probably for the best too 🙂


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