Pre Operation Phase

Between my decision to have the Vertical Gastric Sleeve (VSG) operation, and the operation day, I had a few months to reflect on my decision.

I chose the surgeon who I had my initial consultation with, Professor Ameet Patel.  He came recommended by a friend and our family member who is a doctor.  He is a Professor in the NHS with a small private practice.  He gave me my surgical options, was very clear on the pros and cons of each type of surgery, and put me at ease.  He also wanted to ascertain my motivations, and how realistic my goals were.  It wasn’t a sales pitch at all, just a chat about the options, making sure I was considering the lifestyle change that would accompany the surgery, and that I was making this decision for the right reasons.  The fact he’s top in his field in the UK helped reassure me too that I was in safe hands.

Unlike other clinics and surgeons, Prof Patel doesn’t insist on a pre operation diets or regimes, and he had an open door policy around clarifying any questions, and was easily contactable via phone and email.

In this period, a few friends did on reflection grill me a little bit about whether I was really sure I wanted the surgery, wasn’t this a bit drastic?  etc.  But it helped me to solidify and ratify my decision.  Did I have moments of nerves?  Of course I did, but I also was so hopeful about the future, and had read a wide range of positive and negative surgery stories that I was confident what I was getting into.

Yes – this intervention was going to work for me, and I was ready to for a drastic and sustainable change.

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