The realisation…

So, for about 2 years I rejected the notion of obesity surgery.  In my mind, it represented my failure to lose weight through diet and exercise.  I was very body positive, and love(d) my curves – I dressed stylishly (thank goodness for Next, H&M+, NewLook Inspire, and ASOS Curve!), and I felt fine…  Sort of.

On holidays with my daughter, or on certain trips with friends, I was always the straggler at the back, more out of breath than most of them, and struggling to do the activities I was so comfortable with 10 years ago…  10 YEARS!  Had I really been this big for 10 years now?  Where did the time go?  What happened to ‘I’ll get fit soon’?

So, when last year I went up to a size 22, it scared me.  I wasn’t eating big portions (why does everyone think fat people are gluttonous? *angryface*), but I knew I was carb heavy, and the quality of my food could be better.  Weekends were when I’d ‘treat’ myself, invariably with a take out (not total junk food, but rich food)…  I knew my relationship with food wasn’t the best it could be, and I needed help.

I realised, I haven’t been at my optimal health or fitness for too long…  If this is how 40 feels, how will I be at 50 if I don’t take action now?  Well, the answer was right in front of my face.  My mother.

My beautiful mum has been around a size 18/20 for about 20 years, and she has type 2 diabetes, arthritis in her knees, and aches and pains in her muscles.  She was my future.

I realised I needed an intervention to get healthier, and I sought help from a counsellor to help guide me on my journey…

4 thoughts on “The realisation…

  1. Hi! It is good that you took charge over your health and decided on this journey towards good health! I have worked closely with people who have had bariatric surgery for more than 6 years now and totally understand the challenges, the struggles, the sweat and the tears that go into it. would like to share some infographics with you covering the different aspects of vertical sleeve. Would you be interested in reviewing them? (consider them as a gift; and these could enhance the visual appeal of your blog posts)


    1. Thanks for the positive words! Very kind of you. I’m 4 weeks post op now, and everyone has been telling me to blog about my experience! I didn’t think anyone was reading though! Any infographics would be interesting to review – thanks in advance, and I’d be very happy to credit you fully if I use any 🙂


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